Alberta is a unique place.  To understand the needs of Alberta businesses, one must truly comprehend what it is to be Albertan.

We are Alberta-owned, Canada-oriented, and invest in both our people and our province.  The same cannot be said of a competitor, operating outside of the Alberta economy.

The Veneer House contributes to the local economy, both directly (through relationships and ongoing business dealings), and indirectly (our employees use their earnings in local economies, and support Alberta enterprise).  Our projects bring people from all over, and in the process, they contribute to the Alberta marketplace.  They eat here, sleep here, shop here….

We are proudly Albertan.  Does a company from Washington or Illinois know our climate, our environmental challenges, our industries?  We’re here, living and breathing Alberta and have a first hand knowledge of what it means to be Albertan and what our customer needs are.  We know how products and services can fail under the local conditions, and can innovate and improve based on our findings.

At The Veneer House, we recognized a growing need for implants, veneers and other applications and set out to, not only contribute to the marketplace, but to be competitive and to lead the way, setting standards in the process.

Our lab uses the best materials and combines modern technologies such as a 3 shape scanner and I-Tero Digital, to maintain high quality and highly aesthetic restorations.

We offer a wide variety of products and services, including:

  • LAVA™
  • Procera® Zirconia
  • Procera®Alumina
  • Full contour Zirconia
  • 3 shape scanner
  • I-Tero
  • E4D milling system



  • IPS Empress® Esthetic
  • IPS e.max Press
  • IPS e.max milled
  • Emax veneers
  • Ultra Thin Veneers
  • PFM crowns and bridges
  • Full Gold crowns and bridges



  • Acrylic provisionals
  • Diagnostic wax up



  • Porcelain fused to metal


  • Surgical guides
  • CAD/CAM custom abutments
  • Cast custom abutments
  • Screw and cement retained crowns
  • Screw and cement retained zirconia crowns
  • Screw and cement retained bridges

We are Albertan.  We are The Veneer House.

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