The greatest compliment you can ever give a business is a referral.

One client comes in, likes your service and then over time, they become your biggest proponent.  If a colleague relays to you that they are in need of something, or if someone mentions to you that they’re not pleased with their current service, you just may mention a fresh-in-mind business, service or product that you’ve been pleased with and believe they would be as well.  Clients will have your name and business first in mind for any and all possible discussions pertaining to the related product, service or business being questioned- due to the power of a referral.

Each referral given is a satisfied client, putting their personal guarantee on the quality of the overall product or service.  From there, their newly introduced customer-in-waiting may recommend others, and before you know it, the business grows exponentially.

In our business, we build partnerships with our referrals.  You work with us, and we work with you.  We help one another, improving on the overall quality of product and service, adding seals of approval to one another’s businesses in the process.

Our existing partners can speak to the intricate, detailed, high quality work that we do.  We’re consistent and accept nothing less than perfection for our clients.  You can expect nothing less than excellence from us.

Most patients will refer their family and friends to their dentists, doctors, optometrists; favourite restaurants, coffee shops, mechanics, etc.  The Veneer House has built up its client base over the past 29 years with a great reputation and client referrals.  We appreciate them.  And we appreciate all of those who have supported us over the years, and those we will be working with in 2019, and beyond.

We’re proud of the work we do, and our reputation reflects that.  We service our clients with experience and an eye for detail that few can replicate.


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