Pedigree goes a long way, but it can only take us so far, at times.  We can be blinded by it, because truthfully, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s important, sure, but this is speculative.  What you could do, where you came from, and what you may be able to do.  It’s a Draft Day scouting report.  Hindsight is 20/20.

And hindsight is 20/20 for the player, as well.  Sometimes, it’s experience that separates us from the competition.

A chef can cook without a recipe— and often, without measuring each ingredient— simply by feel, touch, taste, or sight.  Is it because he went to a specific culinary institute or trained at a world-renowned kitchen, or because he’s made that dish thousands of times, and he just knows how much chicken stock his risotto should have in it, or how long it takes for a medium-rare tenderloin?

Barry Bonds would stand and watch in admiration, as baseballs ricocheted off his bat.  He didn’t run to round the bases on impact.  He didn’t have to.  He could watch the expected home-run drive leave the field, and soak in the moment.  He could slowly run afterwards, celebrating along the way.  The feeling of the perfectly hit baseball was known to him, because he’d hit 762 of them by the time he retired.  Not to mention the countless others from Little League, college, and practices throughout his career. 

Experience gives us the ability to see all angles of an outcome, often before it’s come to fruition.  We can use insights from our past and learn from them, utilizing them to teach, to correct, to overcome, and to innovate.

A young boxer can spar all he wants, but a veteran of the sport just knows.  He’s been there before.  He wears the scars of battle and has endured setbacks from injuries and losses, and almost everything the young prepares to bring to him, he’s seen before.  That speaks volumes.

Ewa and the team at The Veneer House have decades worth of experience.  They have seen it all.  Every challenge, every unique request… they’ve seen it before.  They can foresee challenges that may present themselves, before they even surface.

“Experience is knowledge.  All the rest is information.”  Albert Einstein

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