In this day and age, authenticity of design goes a long way.  So do intricate details of the goods being sold.

Awhile back, I wanted to ensure the authenticity of a Burberry shirt purchased online.  A quick Google search gave me lots of fantastic resources to utilize for the purpose of giving myself peace of mind.  Some of the telltale signs of an authentic product went beyond a pricetag with a sku, or the appearance of the shirt.  The logo itself had some unique points of interest, that a fake just wouldn’t be- or shouldn’t be- able to replicate.

Cristal champagne wraps their bottles in a gold cellophane.  Tiffany has a box with a colour synonymous with their brand, encasing each of their pieces of jewelry sold.  And Papyrus cards come with a gold sticker, used to enclose the envelope, doubling in use as a seal of authenticity.  These details define brands and have helped these products to become sought after in the marketplace, from consumers and sellers alike.

If you look beneath the hood or a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’ll see that the paint goes far beyond the exterior edges.  Quality materials are used where they can be seen, as well as where they cannot.  On a more economical make, leather is often poorer in grade, and sometimes- it doesn’t go beyond what’s visible.  The sides of the seats are often covered with other materials, such as nylon, canvas or other synthetics.  The eye for detail is what luxury brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and Burberry such sterling reputations in both design, and reputation.

The same can be said with our designs at The Veneer House.  With an impeccably unrivalled reputation for over 29 years, Ewa Charif & Co. have built a reputation for both quality or product and an eye for detail-second-to-none.

We’re all unique and the same can be said for our teeth.  The Veneer House assures it’s clients that each piece will be crafted carefully, and with precision, so that you can ensure all of your patients that they will be satisfied by the outcome.

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