When it comes to doing business, it never hurts to know the people behind it.

We want transparency. A little research reveals their motivations, their experience, their track record. Are the testimonies real? Who are the people behind the company? What is their involvement in the community? How have they implemented new technological advancements in moving their business forward? How professional are they?

For nearly 30 years, Mrs. Awa Charif has been updating and improving processes and refining her skill sets, creating the best possible product for its end user. The quality is important to her, as is the education of it all.

One look into The Veneer House website will show the staff, the workspace, and the history. You won’t find stock photos and mystery. You’ll get a full curtain reveal, showcasing the lab behind the products, and the wizard behind it all.

Testimonials are real. As are the accolades and the statement of tenure, showing the longevity of the business and those involved.

A quick phone call with the staff at The Veneer House will alleviate any concerns you may have preconceived, and will make a believer out of you, as your practice not only will offer veneers and other products, but they’ll offer The Veneer House finished and procured products. The workmanship and quality of build, leveraged by a sterling industry reputation, will add the final gold seal to your practice.

Your customers can see where their veneers will come from, and will hear about those behind their design.

Come by today, and see for yourself what makes The Veneer House an industry leader in production of quality veneers and other products.

We will introduce you to our staff, show you our product line and demonstrate to you what it is that sets us apart from the others.

We believe in what we do. And we want to show you that.

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